5 Cool Places To Go Out In Prague #PLUSjane


(Address; října 3 Staré Město, Praha)

I first discovered Batalion after making friends with Czech bar staff of an Irish bar near Wenceslas square. They took me there once their shift had finished as the place is open 24 hours, and it attracts a cool, grungy, student crowd.

Although Batalion is mentioned in a lot of the guide books and is situated near a lot of tourist sites. It is somewhere that a lot of young Czech people go to as well as internationals such as ourselves, and this for me creates a nice mix of people for if you want to mix with locals and other backpackers. That and as someone who is currently sitting at my computer wearing batman underpants (that's right, I have the batman logo on my underpants!) I think the whole comic book theme of the place is pretty cool. But then, I'm a comic book geek! You can tell me how cool I am later... ;)

Vinárna U Sudu

(Address; Vodickova 10, Praha)

On the outside this place just looks like an ordinary wine bar, but you really have to go inside to see what's cool about it. You'll find a free-to-use piano, foosball room, and downstairs (the best bit) there is a medieval cellar. It's like a labyrinth, filled with rooms and tables positioned at different angles. It's just a really cool setting to have a beer... 

U Vystřelenýho oka

(Address; U Bozich bojovniku 3, Praha)

If you're into rock music, then this is the place to be. This is the place for musicians, fans of rock music, smokers, drinkers, and people who like to party! Definitely the kind of place to dress down rather than dress up to go to. 

Beer is reasonably cheap here, but you can also get really cheap Czech pub grub while you're at it. A huge portion of craut soup (soup with sausage) will cost you just 25 CZK.

The beer garden is also a really nice place to hang out in summer, and on gig days this place will be packed! 

Boulder Bar 

(Address; V Jame 6, Praha)

A crazy combination, but also pretty fun! Boulder bar combines indoor climbing with drinking beer! If you've never experienced a bar with it's very own climbing wall, then this is your chance!

Of course, if you do come here it is recommended that you go climbing first before you go drinking. That said, it has and most probably will be done again the other way round!

Opera Bar

(Address: Privozni 1, Praha)

Of course we couldn't go without mentioning our own 'Opera Bar' at PLUS Prague! We have a pool table, free wifi, computers, cheap beer, and nice bar food. But honestly, having visited all the PLUS hostels and camp sites personally, I think PLUS Prague is a really cool, laid back bar.