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Top 3 Parks in Prague

When you're travelling on a budget in Europe, city parks can feel like a saving grace when everything else seems to cost money. They're often pretty, have some nice sights to see within them, and by having a picnic in the park you can save yourself some money on eating out because you'll be buying the food from the supermarket! If you bring along your hostel buddies you may also find that a day out at the park can turn out to be one of the most fun days you'll have on your travels.


5 easy ways to save money as you travel...

One of the biggest surprises most people have when they ask me how I afford to travel so much is finding out just how little it costs to travel continuously. In 2012 I managed to travel to 12 countries over about 10 months, spending just €7000 total. That included the cost of all flights, accommodation, food, and tourist attractions. Most people I speak to imagine it must cost at least double that for 1 year of travel. It doesn't. So how do you travel for so long and spend less in a year than what you would back home paying a years worth of bills?


How to raise over €5000 in 6 months (for your travels)

In early 2010 I managed to raise the equivalent of €5000 in the space of 6 months for my travels around Europe. All of this money was raised through a) selling my belongings to raise extra cash, and b) making cut backs on my existing spending and putting those savings in the bank. At the time I was earning next to nothing as I had not long started my travel blogging career, so I probably had less money coming in than most people who will read this article. My earnings were certainly below the national average in the UK.

5 Most Expensive Countries to Stay in Europe (in a hostel)

Our most popular article here on the Runaway Jane blog for PLUS was when we told you what the top 10 cheapest countries were in Europe for hostel prices.

Top 3 tips for travelling in Italy on a budget!

 Italy is one of those countries where travelling on a budget is really easy! Train travel here is some of the cheapest you will find in Western Europe, and with luxury hostels/camp sites such as PLUS offering prices from €10 a night (in PLUS Camping Roma) – your main travel expenses such as transport and accommodation can be kept extremely low.

We don’t go travelling though just to sit in our accommodation all day! We want to see and experience what a place has to offer in what can often be a short time scale…

Top 3 places to base yourself in Europe!

Sometimes the best way to explore a continent is to pick a base and then hop around from there (rather than the continuous travel of a typical Euro trip.) The benefits of this are that you can travel light – leaving most of your belongings in your base country apartment, and it will allow you to get to know your base country, and therefore life as a European, like a local.

Is Berlin the coolest city in Europe?

Berlin is the coolest city in Europe! Fact. Despite the question in the title, I'm not even going to debate this one, I'm just going to tell you why...


A hot bed for creative people, unique ideas, and start ups!

0% Commission Travel Money -The Great Marketing Gimmick

As travellers, we work pretty damn hard for our holiday. Consequently, we want our holiday money to work hard for us. However, it seems the brightest travellers in the world can still be caught out by the ‘myth of 0% commission’ and ultimately end up paying through the nose when exchanging currency.

The Cheapest Ways To Travel Around Europe!

There's no getting around it – Europe can be expensive. So what is the cheapest way possible to physically get around the continent? After the best part of 2 years travelling Europe, here's the 5 cheapest ways (including what companies I used for each method of transport)...


Budget airlines (during off-season)

Getting to know Lazio...

Some travellers to Italy may not necessarily know the region of Lazio before they come to this country, but they will no doubt have heard of the region's capital city - Rome. The city of Rome is an obvious highlight of Italy, and is definitely somewhere you should visit if you ever come to Italy, but one thing I have found in my recent travels to this country is that by exploring regions rather than cities alone you will get a perspective and experience you just would not otherwise.