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What type of contraceptive is best for travelling? - Female Travel 101

When you're planning your first trip away, probably the last thing on your mind is what contraceptive you need to bring with you on your travels! You're planning where you want to go, booking flights, hostels, and saving up for that all important trip. It can be so easy to forget about this one important aspect of keeping yourself safe while travelling. The reality is though, for backpackers the two most common accidents, illnesses, or afflictions that happen while abroad are car accidents and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Female Travel 101; What Is The Best Travel UnderWear To Pack For Long Haul Journeys?

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(Note; This article is the second in series about female travel. If you haven't already, you may wish to read the first blog post in the series about female travel safety.)

Tip Of The Week - Pack Dry Shampoo For Your Travels

If you've got a particularly long haul journey ahead, you're sleeping the night in the airport, or you're camping somewhere very basic, you may find that you want to wash your hair but have no access to showering facilities. It's for these instances that you may want to consider packing some dry shampoo for your travels. For travelling - the spray on version (as opposed to powder) is a lot easier and less messy to use. You just brush your hair while it's dry, spray the dry shampoo into the scalp, and then gently massage it so it spreads.

Female Travel 101; How to stay safe on the road

(Note from Jane; This is going to be a series of posts covering all aspects of female travel, including girls travelling solo. First up we talk about safety.)