Is it best to book a hostel direct or on a hostel booking website?

There are many ways to book a hostel. You can book direct on a hostel's website (such as on the PLUS Hostels website You can use a reputable hostel booking website such as or to make your booking. You can also just turn up at a hostel and book at reception on the day. Although the latter option usually doesn't provide you with a guarantee there will be a bed for you should the hostel be fully booked.

What makes a good hostel locker?

Staying in a hostel dorm room is a different experience to staying in a hotel or a private hostel room. You're sharing your room with other backpackers. Although things being stolen in a hostel is very rare, due to the fact there may be people in your room you haven't met before it's important that every hostel offers individual lockers to put your valuables.

Can you be too old for hostels?

With so many people these days either losing their jobs, becoming dis-satisfied with the 9 to 5 lifestyle, or simply just getting into their 30s, 40s, and .50s realising that they put off their life for other things, it is becoming more popular for those outside the 18 to 30 age band to go travelling!


The 10 Most Popular Destinations of 2012...

(Please note; The following top 10 destinations are all based on data provided by These were the 10 destinations that received the most bookings this year worldwide on their hostel booking website.)


1) London


What makes a good hostel breakfast?

Every good hostel will offer you breakfast in the morning – whether it is complimentary (included in the price), or something a bit better that you need to pay for on top. Either way, the facility should always be there, but more importantly for the majority of hostels which do offer breakfast in the mornings – what makes a good breakfast by hostel standards? When you're only paying €10 a night for instance what should you be able to expect?


3 Tips for Showering in a Hostel

Staying in a hostel dorm room can make your travels much cheaper (as we discussed in a previous post about dorm rooms versus private rooms .) One of the most common (but easily resolvable) issues that people have in a dorm room as opposed to in a private room is showering. You can sometimes find during busy check-out times that there's a queue to the showers in some hostels around the world. You'll also find that not all hostels have the same standard of facilities as PLUS hostels do.

Dorm Rooms VS Private Rooms in a Hostel

When booking a room in a hostel you usually have two choices – a bed in a dormitory style room sharing with other backpackers, or a bed in a private room more akin to something you'd get in a hotel. Very rarely will you come across a hostel that doesn't offer both these types of rooms, which is great because it means if you don't like sharing with other people you don't have to! However, if you don't have the money for the more expensive private rooms you're not stuck! What I wanted to do in this post was really whittle down though which type of room was better.

What makes a good backpacker bar?

A backpacker bar is the easiest places to meet other like minded souls on your travels – if you find a good one. The fact that it's usually full of easy going backpackers is usually one of those reasons, but mixing that with a bit of alcohol and organised events to get you mixing can really make it that bit easier than any other situation you may find yourself in while you're travelling to meet people. So what makes a good backpacker bar and how do you make the most of it?


What makes a good hostel dorm room?

When you stay in a hostel your dorm room is the most important thing. Getting a good night's sleep is what you are paying for. However, there are certain things that a hostel can offer in your dorm room that will make your stay so much nicer, safe, and convenient...


Lockers in the rooms

What is your favourite type of hostel?

Hostels come in all shapes and sizes. You get plush luxury style hostels like PLUS with swimming pools and a bar. You get hostels that are basically like someone's house in a block of flats! You get little beach hut hostels, city centre chains, boutique hostels, or some decorated around a particular theme. The list goes on... It's one of the reasons I love hostels so much because you can have an entirely different experience every time you stay in one. It's never the same one hostel to the next. The question is what is your favourite type of hostel?