Top 10 Things to do in Venice


  1. See 3 major sights in Piazza San Marco


Standing in Piazza San Marco you can take in 3 of the most beautiful sights Venice has to offer. St Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace, and Torre dell'Orologio (the latter being a clock tower built in the early 1500s) that even Napoleon himself admired, once calling the piazza the 'drawing room of Europe'. This is also something you can do in Venice completely for free.


  1. Tour the Venetian masters of art


From the late Middle Ages to the mid 18th Century, Venice was a hub for artists. Grand masters of Venice including Tintoretto, Titian, and Canaletto can still be viewed today in Venice. Visit Scuola Grande di San Rocco to view Tintoretto's masterpiece 'Crucifuxion'.


  1. The sky high view from Campanile


The tallest building in Venice, Campanile, is approximately 325ft high, and a fantastic place to get sky high views of the city!


  1. Taste some local Venetian cuisine


Tasting local cuisine in any destination is a quick and easy way to get an experience of life as a local person in that area. So if you are in Venice some local dishes you may wish to try include Venetian antipasti (raw sea food), Venetian polpette (meatballs). Naturally though you'll find a good mix of seafood and traditional Italian menus available in restaurants throughout Venice as it is a seaside town and a major destination in Italy.


  1. Drink some Venetian wine


To top off your local Venetian cuisine you may also want to indulge in some local wine from the area too. Try Tocai or Soave for those of you who like white wine, or Cabornet Franc for red.


  1. Ride a gondola


It's probably no surprise that taking a boat ride on a gondola is one of the most popular things to do in Venice. Even though it is a definite tourist attraction, and you won't see many locals doing it (they usually have their own boats or catch the boat bus if they live in the main island), it's still hard to deny the romance of a canal tour in Venice with your significant other on a real gondola!


  1. Tour the Grand Canal


Hop on board a vaporetto (a 230 seat passenger boat) and take a tour of the Grand Canal. The 2 mile trip from San Marco to the Railway Station only costs €6.50 one-way (which is cheap for Venice) and is an incredible way to get your bearings of Venice and quickly grasp its true beauty and historical importance.


  1. Aperitivo hour!


Aperitivos are popular throughout Italy, but with Venice being a bit more expensive than some other Italian cities - this is definitely the place you should take advantage of this cheap way to eat and drink out in one! Typically for around €4 - €5 during Aperitivo hour you will get a cocktail of some sorts and access to an all-you-can-eat style buffet. As to what food will be served at the buffet can vary greatly depending on what bar you're in, but usually it ranges from sandwiches, to pasta, cous cous, crisps, or other types of food. Typically aperitivos are served in the early evening, and if you fill up here you may not have to eat dinner later so it's a very cheap way to eat and drink out in Venice and Italy in general!


  1. Experience Venice like 007 James Bond!


Head to the Palazzo Pisani and you'll see the palace that was used to shoot the end of the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royal. This is definitely a cool place to take some pictures for any film or 007 buffs!


  1. Put on a Venetian mask and join the Carnevale!


Carnevale in Venice is arguably the best time to be in the city! The atmosphere is incredible, and there is really no place like it in the world when the carnevale is on! However, if you don't happen to be in Venice during this time you can still buy a mask and pose for some cool photos with the backdrop of the city. Some of the masks are truly stunning, and beat most souvenirs you could buy in any other major destination worldwide!