Top 3 Parks in Prague

When you're travelling on a budget in Europe, city parks can feel like a saving grace when everything else seems to cost money. They're often pretty, have some nice sights to see within them, and by having a picnic in the park you can save yourself some money on eating out because you'll be buying the food from the supermarket! If you bring along your hostel buddies you may also find that a day out at the park can turn out to be one of the most fun days you'll have on your travels.


If you're coming to PLUS Prague hostel and you're looking for the best parks to visit; here are 5 parks in Prague that are all worth a visit;


Petřín Hill


The main reason I wanted to recommend Petřín Hill is because it is home to Petřín Tower – one of the best places to get aerial views of Prague! The park is also home to House of Mirrors and Štefánik Observatory, the latter being a particularly cool place to see the night sky in Prague. If it's out and about that you want though, you can also follow the Hunger Wall throughout the entire park. This place is full of little meandering paths and enough green spaces for you to relax on a sunny day.


Stromovka Park


Stromovka Park is huge! It feels very far removed from the bustling city streets of Prague, and for me that's its greatest appeal. When you need an escape from city life then the enormous trees and pretty ponds of Stromovka Park and are nice little retreat away from everything that is going on outside in the city. As an added benefit Stromovka is also home to Prague Planetarium and Prague Aquarium which is another thing to do in the area.


Letna Hill Park


One of the best reasons to come to Letna Park is that it's location a little bit outside the main central area of Prague means that's mostly filled with local people instead of tourists. It's also very popular with skateboarders, roller bladers, and cyclists, so if you like doing any of those things Letna Hill is the place to go. Additionally, there is also nice views of Prague and the Vltava River from the top of Letna Hill if you're looking for some nice picture opportunities that are not the typical tourist shot.


City parks are a free way to experience a city, people watch, and take time out from the hustle and bustle. What makes Prague's parks so special though is that many of them (not just those mentioned above) have stunning sights and picturesque areas for you to view and capture some stunning travel pictures! They're also something you can do completely for free, so if you're running low on travel cash, you can't beat a trip to the local park!


Photo Credit; Andrei Stroe