Top 5 Places To Spend New Year!

Photo Credit; Robbie Shade via Flikr


If you're looking for any last minute ideas for where to spend the New Year, or even if you're looking ahead for New Years destinations in years to come... These are the top 5 places to ring in the New Year in the world right now! Hopefully they give you some inspiration!

(Please note; This list is in no particular order)


New York

If there is anywhere that dominates our TV screens during New Year's Eve no matter where you are in the world it's New York! So can you imagine actually being there? Ringing in the bells in Times Square with over 1 million people (not to mention all those watching at home) must be incredible! For that reason New York has to feature on our list here!



As a local Scot myself I may be a little biased, but it is for that reason I can tell you that Edinburgh is a truly remarkable place to spend New Year. In fact, us Scots even have our own name for it it's so unique. We call New Year's Eve 'Hogmanay', and the celebrations actually start the day before on December 30th with the amazing torch light processions through the city! On Hogmanay itself there is an official street party held along Princes Street, Edinburgh's main street, and a huge concert held in the adjacent Princes Street Gardens. At the stroke of midnight the fireworks shoot out from Edinburgh Castle! There really isn't a more spectacular picture perfect New Year moment than this anywhere else in the world. At some point in your life (if not this year) you have to go!



Sydney is the first major city in the world to bring in the New Year! I can tell your personally that it does not disappoint! As everybody squeezes into Circular Quay and beside Sydney's most iconic architecture, you see the fireworks shoot up above the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House! To top it off there are also fireworks which shoot up from the skyscrapers behind you, and quite often you'll also see Richard Branson's boat hovering in the harbour as he himself likes to spend New Year's Eve in Sydney!



Kiribati, and island in the Pacific Ocean is usually the first place to celebrate New Year. Things here may be a bit more quiet than say Sydney, Edinburgh, or New York, but how many people can say they were one of the first to welcome in the New Year. Also, spending some time on a beautiful Pacific Ocean island can't be too bad either, right?



It's just about mid-summer right now in Rio – which explains why everybody heads outside onto the streets of the city to spend what is some spectacular New Year celebrations! Copacabana Beach starts to get crazy around 8pm as the live music gets going. Everything from Brazilian Samba to rock bands gets played to get the crowd livened up! It is also customary to wear white during the New Year celebrations in Rio, but mostly the reason why Rio is great is because the people here know how to party!


These are the top 5 places in the world to spend this new year right now, but what's your opinion? Do you agree with the choices? Do you have any suggestions yourself?