What makes a good hostel locker?

Staying in a hostel dorm room is a different experience to staying in a hotel or a private hostel room. You're sharing your room with other backpackers. Although things being stolen in a hostel is very rare, due to the fact there may be people in your room you haven't met before it's important that every hostel offers individual lockers to put your valuables. Most people who steal things like phones or iPads are usually opportunists rather than mastermind thieves, so you don't want to make it easy for someone by leaving stuff lying around on your bed unattended while you're out. Equally, you don't want to go out walking with all of your most valuable possessions in case your bag for instance gets stolen while you're out! Thankfully PLUS hostels offers individual lockers in every one of our hostels, and most other hostels do too! However, not every hostel is as up-to-date with their customers as PLUS is. Sometimes having the wrong type of locker can bring about it's own problems! I therefore wanted to talk about the best kind of locker, and how it should be. This is both to help hostel owners/managers, but if you're staying in a hostel with all the below things then you know you're in a good one too!


First off, every hostel should have lockers!

OK, before we even get started – Every hostel should have a locker! If it doesn't have lockers don't book it! 1) You need to know you can lock away your valuables when you're sharing a room with other people you may not know, and 2) If you're stuff does get stolen abroad and you didn't have it on your person or locked away at the time in a locker/security box etc, then most travel insurance companies will not accept your claim!


Fit any kind of padlock!

A locker which allows the customer (that's you) to fit your own padlock is better than the kind where the hostel gives you their own key. For one, if you lose the key it means the hostel doesn't have to fork out money for a replacement from their point of view, but it also gives you more trust that only you know the lock combination or hold the key to that lock. I trust completely 99% of hostel workers, but if you're staying somewhere dodgy you want to know it's your locks not theirs if you get what I'm saying! Also, it's just a bit more peace of mind if you've never stayed in a hostel before that you're stuff is as safe as it can be!


Lockers in the rooms...

Lockers in the rooms are always better than those outside the rooms (although lockers outside the rooms are still better than nothing.) There is 2 reasons for this... The first is that A) It's more convenient, and B) It's an added bit of security that when you're in the room (at night for instance) you will hear or see anybody if they did indeed try to break into your locker (although as I said before, this is very rare to happen in a hostel!)


Big enough to fit an entire backpack!

At PLUS, as well as all the above things, we have lockers that are actually big enough to fit a whole backpack and more! Sometimes it's frustrating when you go to a hostel and the lockers are so small you can't even fit a computer! It means only some of your stuff is protected. If the lockers are big enough to fit all of your belongings then you can just open it and put your entire luggage into it when you arrive! It just makes things easy...