What's your new year travel resolution?

In our first article of 2013, I thought this was a good time to discuss the topic of new year's resolutions. In particular, those which involve travel!


At this time of year many people set themselves a resolution to travel more. For many the resolution may stay as a general as that, while other people may be more specific about wanting to save up for a round the world trip, or to go to a particular country that year. Unfortunately, like most new year's resolutions such as losing weight or quitting smoking – many of these aspirations become forgotten about not to long after they were first thought of and created. This is another reason why I wanted to write this blog post. I want to make sure you don't forget your resolutions, especially if travel is a big part of that!


Why you need to make travel a part of 2013...


While first off, if travelling more has featured somewhere on your new year's resolution list then the first reason you should stick to it is because you want to! However, there are more reasons why this shouldn't just become a forgotten dream. Travel is one of the most liberating, exhilarating, and fun learning experiences you will ever have. You also don't want to wake up years later when maybe you can't travel for whatever reason and rue missed opportunities. There is also the fact that although travel is certainly not impossible as you get older, it does become harder. Certainly not until you reach retirement age when you may not have the health or fitness to do it any more. If you're young and have no kids or elderly parents needing you at home then now if your chance!


So how do you make sure travel does not become another forgotten new year's resolution?


You can put steps in place right now to put you on the road to travelling already. Just even doing a few simple things to set your plans in motion can give you the motivation you need to not let this dream go. Sometime simple you can do is set up a savings account and put a certain amount of money into it each week. It doesn't matter how little the amount is that you can afford. Every penny goes a long way when you're travelling, especially seeing as many countries may have a much cheaper cost of living that what you're used to at home.


Secondly, use the internet to search for flight prices, accommodation, travel insurance, visas, and all those other things you'll need before you go. Even something like buying your first backpack can get the excitement going. I've always found that once I've put a lot of research into a trip there is almost no way I can back out because it just seems to attainable and exiting after that point. It's no longer just a dream, but an actionable goal that can be achieved.


Thirdly, if you have to opportunity to jump ship right now and go, then do it! If you find you're out of a job in the new year, that you have no major commitments at home, and you either have a few grand saved up or the chance of a working visa in another country, then my advice would be to just go for it! Sometimes the only way to know for sure you won't back out is to just book the ticket on a whims notices and just leave. As soon as you touch foot on foreign soil you know you've done it. You've achieved your new year's resolution now, and the only way is up!