Our Story

Growing from just a small campsite in Tuscany over 25 years ago to one of the best quality hostel chains in Europe, PLUS is now setting the standard for the new generation of backpacker. A family owned and run business it is not unfamiliar to be served by a member of the family at any of our properties across Europe. The “PLUS” brand was launched in 2004 at PLUS Alba D’oro, one of our Venice sites  as we looked to focus more on the needs of today’s “independent traveller”. Six years on and the family values haven’t changed as  PLUS gives you the best quality accommodation possible so that your home away from home is exactly that. With properties peppered across the major cities in Italy, it was time to expand, so in  March 2007 PLUS Prague was born, raising the bar not only for the company, but for hostels everywhere with amazing facilities unheard of in the world of backpacking. PLUS Florence opened in March 2008 with great success and already has a great reputation amongst travellers as one of Europe’s best. So, what’s next for PLUS? PLUS is always growing and our newest amazing destination is PLUS Berlin which opened in Spring 2010.