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5 Events Not To Be Missed in Prague This Month

Heading to Prague for a few days this month? If not, why not? Apart from the classics such as the Old Town, Charles Bridge, Lobkowicz Palace, Malá Strana, Spanish Synagogue, Prague Castle, Prague Zoo, St Vitus Cathedral… (OK, maybe you’ll need more than a few days), here are just some of the events to czech out (sorry) in April, and many are just a short walk from the hostel!:

April 14th, 20:00

Birth of Joy @La Fabrika (just a 5-minute walk from PLUS Prague)

A psychedelic rock ’n‘ roll band from Netherlands. I mean, you just have to go, right?

Entry: 290czk (€ 10.70)
More info:

April 16th

Naplavka Street Food Festival?

Food: definitely one of our favourite things here at PLUS Towers. This festival features some of the best street food from all corners of the world, including authentic dishes from Asia, Latin America, USA, and the Middle East, amongst others. Where else can you sample an Australian meat pie, Korean kimchi, Israeli falafel and Georgian chacapuri in the same place?


Location: Smichovska naplavka (on the riverbank; nearest tram = Palackeho namesti)
Entry: 30czk (€ 1.10)
More info (in Czech):

Until April 17th

St Matthew’s Fair

The Czech Republic’s most-visited fair, featuring with foreign and domestic rides and traditional Czech fast food stalls. What’s not to like?

Location: Vystaviste Holesovice, 2 tram stops away
More info:

All Month

The Slav Epic, by Alfons Mucha

We don’t think a visit to any city is complete without taking in some culture, and while Prague has it by the bagfull, why not try out something a bit different? This exhibition features 20 huge canvases about the history of the Slavic people.

Location: National Gallery at Veletrzni Palac (Trade Fair Palace, 3 tram stops from PLUS Prague)
Entry: 90-180 czk (approx. € 3.30 - € 6.60)
More info:

All Month

The Soul of Money (multimedia exhibition)

An interesting take on the concept of most people's favourite thing: money. So having already saved a load of it by staying at PLUS Prague, why not take a closer look at our relationship with money? Not recommended with a hangover.

Location: DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (5min walk)
Entry: 90czk (€ 3.30) - students, 180czk (€ 6.60) – adults, plus a 50% discount for guests
More info:

[main photo courtesy of our receptionist Sabina Tokadjieva]