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6 unusual things to do in Prague

We all know about the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, and whilst they’re obviously well worth a visit, Prague is full of quirky sights and interesting activities to give you something to really remember. Many of these are even free, So, pick up your backpack and get out and see what Prague really has to offer:

Vinarna Certovka

This street in Prague’s Mala Strana district is so narrow that it needs traffic lights to control the flow of pedestrians passing through it so that they can all fit, although we’re not sure what the punishment is for running a red light here. As it measures only 19.6 inches at its narrowest point we would recommend doing this BEFORE you tuck into a lunch of roast meat, potatoes, dumplings and Pilsner. Seriously, take it from us.


A bizarre sculpture placed outside of the Franz Kafka museum entitled “Piss”, it features two men “peeing” quotations from famous Prague residents into the water. Believe it or not, this installation is also interactive, and you can send an SMS to the, er, fountain(?) with your message and they will pee it for you (honestly, I never thought I would ever write that sentence). The installation was made by Czech sculptor David Cerny, and he has created many unusual sculptures in Prague; you can even do a tour of them.

Old Jewish Cemetery

Thought to be the oldest Jewish graveyard in Europe with the oldest headstone displaying a date of 1439, this cemetery has crammed in over 12,000 headstones over the years. What’s more, due to the lack of space, and the fact that the Jewish religion forbids moving their dead, there are estimated to be around 100,000 bodies in total, simply piled on top of one another.

Sedlec Ossuary in Kutná Hora

Oh, so that wasn’t creepy enough for you? Right then, well you’ll have to venture just over an hour out of Prague for this one, so technically it’s not really in Prague but it’s easily reachable but it’s guaranteed to freak you out. You may even have heard of it as the “Church of Bones”: Sedlec Ossuary contains the skeletons of up to 70,000 people, many of whose bones have been used to decorate the chapel. 

The “Magical Cavern”

This old mill has been converted into a full-on cave system using all the fantasy of eccentric Prague artist Reon Argondian. Featuring psychedelic sculptures and paintings, you first have to walk through the forests and gardens of Petrin – the small hill overlooking Prague - in order to access the cave.

The Sex Machines Museum

We thought we’d heard everything after Berlin’s Currywurst (Curry Sausage – a Berlin speciality) Museum, but no. You heard right – this is a museum dedicated to sex machines dating as far back as the 16th century. If you’re into such things, that is. (Link probably not quite work-safe)

Main pitcture photo credit: our awesome receptionist Sabina Tokadjieva