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Florentine Art Without Even Leaving the Hostel...

Anybody who’s been to Florence will know that art plays a huge part in the city’s past and present, and at PLUS Florence we’ve now brought that into the hostel, so even on your journey from the bar to your room you can take in some culture!

Until the 21st October we will be hosting eight different art exhibitions, each in a different area of the hostel, and all featuring local artists. Here's a snippet of what's on offer:

Entrance / Balcony / Terrace Areas:

“Costellazioni” (“Constellations”) by Giorgio Bevignani

Salone delle Regole:

“Sonorità Adimensionali” (“Dimensionless Sounds”) by Tony Tedesco

Beige Floor:

“Corsari Della Libertà” (“Corsairs of Liberty”) by Filippo Capperucci:

Green Floor:

“La Parola Dipinta” (“The Painted Word”) by Franca Maria Catri

Red Floor:

“Luci Padane” (“Lights of the Po Valley”) by Adriano Castelli

Pink Floor:

“Armonie Dell’Universo” (“Harmony of the Universe”) by Mimì Buffelli

Orange Floor:

“Mediterranea” (“Mediterranean”) By Giuseppe Patanè

Blue Floor:

“Tra Aurore E Nubi Del Mondo” (“Amongst the Dawns and Clouds of the World”) by Eugenia Serafini