4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tuscany

Home to some of Italy's most beautiful scenery and architecture, it's not hard to see why Tuscany is such a popular region within the country.

The Duomo, Florence

The Duomo is the most popular sight in Florence, Tuscany's capital city. Designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, the Renaissance dome is an iconic symbol within Florence and is possibly the most beautiful attraction in the city. It's certainly a reason to come to Florence and Tuscany in general.

Top 3 Parks in Prague

When you're travelling on a budget in Europe, city parks can feel like a saving grace when everything else seems to cost money. They're often pretty, have some nice sights to see within them, and by having a picnic in the park you can save yourself some money on eating out because you'll be buying the food from the supermarket! If you bring along your hostel buddies you may also find that a day out at the park can turn out to be one of the most fun days you'll have on your travels.

If you're coming to PLUS Prague hostel and you're looking for the best parks to visit; here are 5 parks in Prague that are all worth a visit;

Is it best to book a hostel direct or on a hostel booking website?

There are many ways to book a hostel. You can book direct on a hostel's website (such as on the PLUS Hostels website You can use a reputable hostel booking website such as or to make your booking. You can also just turn up at a hostel and book at reception on the day. Although the latter option usually doesn't provide you with a guarantee there will be a bed for you should the hostel be fully booked. Different people have different preferences on how they like to book their hostel, so I wanted to delve down into the main ways people make their booking and really decide which way is best.

Booking direct – what are the benefits?

Booking direct has 2 main benefits. The first is that there are no extra add-on booking fees to pay. You simply pay for what you are purchasing and that is it. Sometimes by booking on other websites that are not owned by the hostel, you end up paying these extra fees. The second benefit is that all you money is going direct to the hostel. If you are booking with an independent hostel or small-ish hostel chain, then you know that you are supporting that hostel fully – although I imagine probably you care about the potential saving more than that! :)

Top 10 Things to do in Venice

1. See 3 major sights in Piazza San Marco

Standing in Piazza San Marco you can take in 3 of the most beautiful sights Venice has to offer. St Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace, and Torre dell'Orologio (the latter being a clock tower built in the early 1500s) that even Napoleon himself admired, once calling the piazza the 'drawing room of Europe'. This is also something you can do in Venice completely for free.

5 easy ways to save money as you travel...

One of the biggest surprises most people have when they ask me how I afford to travel so much is finding out just how little it costs to travel continuously. In 2012 I managed to travel to 12 countries over about 10 months, spending just €7000 total. That included the cost of all flights, accommodation, food, and tourist attractions. Most people I speak to imagine it must cost at least double that for 1 year of travel. It doesn't. So how do you travel for so long and spend less in a year than what you would back home paying a years worth of bills?

Stay in hostels or camp sites...

How to raise over €5000 in 6 months (for your travels)

In early 2010 I managed to raise the equivalent of €5000 in the space of 6 months for my travels around Europe. All of this money was raised through a) selling my belongings to raise extra cash, and b) making cut backs on my existing spending and putting those savings in the bank. At the time I was earning next to nothing as I had not long started my travel blogging career, so I probably had less money coming in than most people who will read this article. My earnings were certainly below the national average in the UK. So the question is how exactly did I do it, and more importantly – how can you do it too? As at the end of the day that is the point of this blog - to help people who want to travel based on my years of travel experience...

What items tend to sell fast?

What's your new year travel resolution?

In our first article of 2013, I thought this was a good time to discuss the topic of new year's resolutions. In particular, those which involve travel!

At this time of year many people set themselves a resolution to travel more. For many the resolution may stay as a general as that, while other people may be more specific about wanting to save up for a round the world trip, or to go to a particular country that year. Unfortunately, like most new year's resolutions such as losing weight or quitting smoking – many of these aspirations become forgotten about not to long after they were first thought of and created. This is another reason why I wanted to write this blog post. I want to make sure you don't forget your resolutions, especially if travel is a big part of that!

Top 5 Places To Spend New Year!

Photo Credit; Robbie Shade via Flikr

If you're looking for any last minute ideas for where to spend the New Year, or even if you're looking ahead for New Years destinations in years to come... These are the top 5 places to ring in the New Year in the world right now! Hopefully they give you some inspiration!

What makes a good hostel locker?

Staying in a hostel dorm room is a different experience to staying in a hotel or a private hostel room. You're sharing your room with other backpackers. Although things being stolen in a hostel is very rare, due to the fact there may be people in your room you haven't met before it's important that every hostel offers individual lockers to put your valuables. Most people who steal things like phones or iPads are usually opportunists rather than mastermind thieves, so you don't want to make it easy for someone by leaving stuff lying around on your bed unattended while you're out. Equally, you don't want to go out walking with all of your most valuable possessions in case your bag for instance gets stolen while you're out! Thankfully PLUS hostels offers individual lockers in every one of our hostels, and most other hostels do too! However, not every hostel is as up-to-date with their customers as PLUS is. Sometimes having the wrong type of locker can bring about it's own problems! I therefore wanted to talk about the best kind of locker, and how it should be. This is both to help hostel owners/managers, but if you're staying in a hostel with all the below things then you know you're in a good one too! 

First off, every hostel should have lockers!

Top 5 Destinations to Spend Xmas Day

It's Christmas Eve and with that I thought it was apt to share with you my top 5 destinations to spend this time of year! This list is in no particular order...


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