FREE stuff you can do in Berlin... #PLUSjane

Free stuff is cool. It's also good if you're travelling on a budget. If you're staying at PLUS hostel Berlin, or even if you're not but you're just in Berlin and looking for some stuff to do that won't take away from your beer money...Then here's some free stuff you can do in Berlin that is also just pretty cool anyway!

East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall)

The East Side Gallery, or what is the largest piece of the Berlin Wall still remaining, is probably the coolest thing you'll ever see in Berlin - at least in my opinion anyway. The Berlin city council commissioned contemporary & graffiti artists from both Germany and all around the world to paint murals all along the wall way back in 2004/5.

What makes YOU want to travel?

To mark our first post on the PLUS hostels blog, I want to ask you sitting at home right now or from wherever you're reading this... what makes you want to travel? What is it that inspires you to to see the world or want to get out there? Why does the idea of travel excite you?

When PLUS and I hooked up to make this collaboration, what we wanted to do was bring something fresh to the site. Something that would get people engaged and coming on to the PLUS hostels blog to find new and exciting content. As someone who has been a travel blogger since January 2010 over at my independent blog Runaway Jane, I became a travel blogger because I wanted to share my interest in travel with other people, and I wanted to get other people out there travelling too!

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