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PLUS Berlin Art Installation

At PLUS Berlin we’ve had an ever-changing art exhibition ongoing since 2010. This is our latest refresh, to be found all over the hostel starting on the 30th April…

Purple Floor:

“Moduli” (“Modules”) by Loi di Campi

Lilac Floor:

“Alla Ricerca del Tempo Perduto” (“Searching for Lost Time”) by Giorgio Cutini

Hoffmann Saal:

“Universi di Cera” (“Universes of Wax”) by Andreas Miggiano:

Grey Floor:

“Gli Occhi della Poesia sulla Commedia del Mondo” (“The Eyes of Poetry on the Comedy of the World”) by Eugenia Serafini

Pink Floor:

“Dal Tempo dall’Infanzia” (“From the Time of Infancy”) by Tiziana Coccia

White Floor:

“I Segni e La Luce” (“The Signs and The Light”) by Paolo Gubinelli