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Reminder: Art Display in PLUS Florence Until October

Just a reminder for all - as if there wasn't already enough art in Florence: Until the 21st October we will be hosting eight different art exhibitions, each in a different area of the hostel, and all featuring local artists. Here's a snippet of what's on offer:

Entrance / Balcony / Terrace Areas:

“Costellazioni” (“Constellations”) by Giorgio Bevignani

Salone delle Regole:

“Sonorità Adimensionali” (“Dimensionless Sounds”) by Tony Tedesco

Beige Floor:

“Corsari Della Libertà” (“Corsairs of Liberty”) by Filippo Capperucci:

Green Floor:

“La Parola Dipinta” (“The Painted Word”) by Franca Maria Catri

Red Floor:

“Luci Padane” (“Lights of the Po Valley”) by Adriano Castelli

Pink Floor:

“Armonie Dell’Universo” (“Harmony of the Universe”) by Mimì Buffelli

Orange Floor:

“Mediterranea” (“Mediterranean”) By Giuseppe Patanè

Blue Floor:

“Tra Aurore E Nubi Del Mondo” (“Amongst the Dawns and Clouds of the World”) by Eugenia Serafini