6 unusual things to do in Prague

We all know about the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, and whilst they’re obviously well worth a visit, Prague is full of quirky sights and interesting activities to give you something to really remember. Many of these are even free, So, pick up your backpack and get out and see what Prague really has to offer:

Vinarna Certovka

This street in Prague’s Mala Strana district is so narrow that it needs traffic lights to control the flow of pedestrians passing through it so that they can all fit, although we’re not sure what the punishment is for running a red light here. As it measures only 19.6 inches at its narrowest point we would recommend doing this BEFORE you tuck into a lunch of roast meat, potatoes, dumplings and Pilsner. Seriously, take it from us.

8 things absolutely not to be missed in Florence

If you’ve only got a few days in Florence, you’ll want to pack in as many sights as you can. So once you’ve checked in at the hostel, dropped your bags off in the room and headed off into the city, what should you go and see?

Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (aka il Duomo)

The world’s 4th largest cathedral. Construction began in 1296: such a gravity-defying design, with a dome that size, had not been attempted since the building of the Pantheon. Filippo Brunelleschi took up the “Duomo” challenge in 1418, devising some new building techniques along the way, but sadly, he died before the final stages of construction were completed. The cathedral is completely covered with green, white and pink marble (now sparkling after a recent clean) and the interior is adorned with incredible frescoes and Donatello’s stained glass windows. The “Campanile di Giotto” (the bell tower), is the most striking feature of any view of the city: Giotto, the famous painter and architect designed the tower, however, by his death, in 1337, only the lowest part had been completed.

7 things to do in Berlin for FREE

Are you backpacking on a budget? Well you’ve already made the right choice by staying at PLUS! And Berlin is a relatively cheap city. But we have further good news! Berlin is one of the best cities in Europe to explore without damaging your bank balance too much:

1. East Side Gallery

This 1.3km-long part of the former Berlin Wall stretching from Warschauer Straße towards Ostbahnhof is the longest still surviving, and each section has been painted over by artists from all over the world. There are over 100 different murals, but our favourite has to be the one depicting the famous kiss between the East German President Erich Honecker and Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev (OK, we’ve outed ourselves as history geeks). And the best thing? It starts right around the corner from PLUS Berlin! 

Florentine Art Without Even Leaving the Hostel...

Anybody who’s been to Florence will know that art plays a huge part in the city’s past and present, and at PLUS Florence we’ve now brought that into the hostel, so even on your journey from the bar to your room you can take in some culture!

Until the 21st October we will be hosting eight different art exhibitions, each in a different area of the hostel, and all featuring local artists. Here's a snippet of what's on offer:

5 Events Not To Be Missed in Prague This Month

Heading to Prague for a few days this month? If not, why not? Apart from the classics such as the Old Town, Charles Bridge, Lobkowicz Palace, Malá Strana, Spanish Synagogue, Prague Castle, Prague Zoo, St Vitus Cathedral… (OK, maybe you’ll need more than a few days), here are just some of the events to czech out (sorry) in April, and many are just a short walk from the hostel!:

April 14th, 20:00

Birth of Joy @La Fabrika (just a 5-minute walk from PLUS Prague)

Valentine's Day Special Offer In Venice

Spoil your other half this Valentine’s Day in one of the world’s most romantic cities, Venice. We’ve put together a special offer to make your stay even more memorable!
For just €49 you’ll receive:
2 nights (12-14 of Feb) for 2 people in a private bungalow with ensuite.
1 bottle of prosecco
Late checkout

Perfect for romantic backpackers on a budget!

Now TV Hong Kong Films at PLUS Florence Hostel

We get some interesting requests here at PLUS Hostel (you'd be surprised what ends up on my desk)....

Anyway, here are some behind the scene pics from the team from Hong Kong's Now TV, who came to our hostel in Florence looking at exploring budget travel and luxury hostel accommodation for a TV show called "Travelling With Differences". It should air in April 2016....... For those of you in Hong Kong.

New Artwork at PLUS Florence

Every 6 months or so we like to strip our walls of the local artwork and throw up some new stuff to keep it looking fresh.

Over the last couple of weeks we've put up some really creative pieces that really do add some great character to the hostel with each floor is represented by a different artist. The title of the exhibition is "Scenari", meaning scenery.

10 Travel Quotes to Get You Inspired!

If you're thinking about taking some time to travel this year but are still undecided, then check out these inspiring travel quotes. They'll be sure to get you in the mood!

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” - Aldous Huxley

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