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The Plus Hostels Experience

At PLUS we bring the concept of budget travel to a whole new level. With Hotels & Hostels in Berlin, Florence and Prague, and Urban Resorts in Rome, Venice and Florence, all bursting with amazing facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, restaurants, bars, fitness equipment and much more, we provide guests of all ages – whether travelling alone or in small or large groups – with high-quality yet affordable accommodation in Europe’s top destinations. So, if you’re heading our way, why not treat yourself to the best - without even breaking your budget!


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Lunch now being served @ PLUS Berlin

You know how it goes - you wake up late after a long night exploring Berlin's nightlife and you've missed breakfast. You shower, put on your scarf/gloves/hat and prepare yourself to go out into the cold light of day in search of...something, anything to eat. Well at PLUS Berlin you no longer need to bother!